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IWTO Certification Requirements

Before an IWTO Certificate can be issued, there are sampling, testing and documentation requirements that must first be met.

At the time of coring, all the bales in a test lot must be:

  • Undamaged and uniformly packed
  • Similar in dimensions and weight
  • From one country of origin
  • If the bales have been semi-processed, all the bales must have received the same treatment.

The sampling must be carried out by a fully trained member of staff or accredited representative following these procedures:

  • Every bale in the test lot must be weighed in whole kilograms and recorded along with the total lot weight and declared tare weight of the bale packaging.
  • Every bale must be cored in accordance with the IWTO regulations at the time of weighing.
  • The mass of sample taken must be sufficient to test the required number of subsamples.
  • The sample must be well packaged to prevent any moisture regain or loss and sent directly to the laboratory via our approved courier.

Randomly drawn portions of material are taken from the sample for testing, these are called subsamples.

The required number of subsamples that must be tested for a lot is determined by the weight of the lot, the wool type and the country of origin.

Scoured wool of European origin (Non-UK)
   Up to 14,000 kg 4 subsamples
   14,000-20,999 kg 6 subsamples
If the test lot exceeds this, an extra 2 subsamples must be conducted per 7,000 kg

Greasy wool of European Origin (Non-UK)
   Up to 23,999 kg 4 subsamples
   24,000-35,999 kg 6 subsamples
If the test lot exceeds this, an extra 2 subsamples must be conducted per 12,000 kg

Two subsamples are sufficient if the lot is:

  • Less than four bales
  • Scoured wool of UK origin weighing less than 7,000 kg
  • Greasy wool of UK origin weighing less than 12,000 kg

The results of the subsamples are compared and if they exceed the ranges specified by the IWTO, additional subsamples must be tested. Once we have the required number of acceptable subsample test results, the results are combined to provide an average, reliable result and an IWTO Certificate is issued.

Test Certificate procedure ( Based on a lot <12,000 kgs):

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